St. Raphael Parish - Congrégation de Sainte-Croix au Canada

St. Raphael Parish has been serving the parishioners since 1958. The parish is situated in Burlington, ON, south of the Queen Elizabeth Highway, close to Lake Ontario. This is a lively community of faithful parishioners stemming from all types of cultures and ethnicity.

St. Raphael Parish functions with the mission statement, “We, the Catholic faith community, inspired by our patron, St. Raphael, continue the mission of Christ, journeying together in the Reign of God. We are bearers of Good News by welcoming, comforting, healing, encouraging, learning, and prayerfully growing together”.

It is a generous and joyful community that gathers in prayer, welcomes new members to the community, and celebrates diversity. St. Raphael parish stands for the rights of all locally and globally.

St. Raphael Parish community has 40 different ministries along with St. Vincent de Paul, Knights of Columbus, and Catholic Women’s League. The parish continues to reach out to the people who are in need. The parish supports two elementary schools: St. Paul Catholic School & St. Raphael Catholic School with 400 students in each school. We also take responsibility in the faith formation of Assumption High School with 1000 students. In June 2015, after the Franciscans, we the Fathers of Holy Cross began to serve the parish, as it was a welcome change to grow the parish community with a new vision and mission of serving all the people of God. 



Phone: 905 637 2346

Father Wilson Andrade, CSC

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