Père Wilson Andrade, c.s.c - Congrégation de Sainte-Croix au Canada

I am Wilson Andrade, Religious priest of the Holy Cross Fathers. I am blessed to be a part of the Holy Cross Family founded by Blessed Basil Moreau.

I always wanted to be a missionary and joined Holy Cross Fathers in India, now I am happy to know that my dream is becoming reality in Holy Cross. As a seminarian and young priest, I am given many opportunities to learn and to grow in my personal life. After my initial formation in India, I was asked to come to Toronto, Canada to complete my formation and then I was ordained a priest in Holy Cross Congregation.

Since my ordination I have been doing my pastoral ministry at St. Ann, St. Joseph and Native People’s Mission in downtown Toronto. I do enjoy my ministry with the youth, along with Vocation and Formation directors in Toronto. I serve at the Food Bank and go to visit the sick in the hospitals. In the last 2 years I have organized many programs for the Holy Cross Family ministries in Canada. 

In Holy Cross, I was blessed to have a variety of experiences that helped to challenge me and to explore my personality. These experiences helped me to provide valuable service to the community and to the church. In Holy Cross, we are called to be educators in Faith, we are men and women of Hope and we are a family of Brothers, Sisters and Priests, filled with love to share in freedom and hospitality.

We invite you to join us to celebrate your life in faith, hope and charity. Come and become the part of our Family of Holy Cross – Crux Ave – Spes Unica – Cross our only Hope. 

Father Wilson Andrade, CSC

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